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Salter School Gives Back to Our Soldiers

Category(ies): Student Life

career schoolThe Tewksbury Campus’ Student Council organizes charity drive to make care packages for those serving in the military.

The Tewskbury Campus at the Salter School gives back to the community each month. With the holidays approaching, the student council is organizing a drive to send care packages to our soldiers who are about to be deployed overseas. These soldiers will be in training over the holidays, separated from their families. The soldiers will appreciate any treats and reminders that we appreciate their sacrifice.

The student council is collecting toiletries, pens, pencils, snacks, and candy. They will arrange the gifts in care packages to be sent to the soldiers. Jennifer McLatchy, director of admissions at the Tewksbury campus, says these packages are a great way to give back during the holiday season, “I want to encourage anyone to draw a picture or write a note of thanks to the soldiers.” You don’t need to spend money to donate to this cause. Simply taking the time to write a note will go a long way in improving our troops’ morale. There will be a box in the office for the donations until November 18th.

For soldiers serving in our military, tokens of thanks are much appreciated, especially during the holiday season when it is difficult to be away from their families. In addition to hand-written notes, service members also enjoy receiving board games, video games, playing cards, and other activities. If you want to donate toiletries, try picking up some lip balm, body wash, sunscreen, or baby wipes. Thank you Tewksbury campus Student Council for helping us help others!

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