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Tips for Being a Better Massage Therapist

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being a better massage therapist tipsDevelop your techniques and your professionalism with these 7 tips

Being a great massage therapist requires more than just learning the proper techniques and having the right traits. A great massage technique is super important of course, but there’s a lot more to it than that! If you want to be a massage therapist who gets return clients and provides top-notch service from beginning to end, try these suggestions:

1. “Curb appeal”
You want your client to be happy the minute they walk in the door. For this reason, it’s important create a welcoming entrance with a quiet and peaceful waiting area. For many people, a massage is their escape from their worries, so you want a relaxing environment from start to finish. Make sure your marketing materials show off this warm and welcoming feeling too.

2. Super-clean your massage table
With various oils and lotions, massage areas can get messy. Be sure you clean thoroughly in between clients and store any used linens out of sight. You don’t want clients to feel that they are entering an unsanitary environment. This goes for the restrooms too—make sure they are cleaned regularly.

3. Professional appearance
You want to dress neatly and appear professionally for your clients so that they have confidence in you and your abilities. Keep an extra outfit on hand in case yours becomes soiled with oils or lotions. Remember that you work very closely with your clients, and they will appreciate it if you look put-together. This goes for the little details too, like keeping your fingernails clean, your hair neat, and your breath fresh.  

4. Make communication your #1 priority
While technique is important, communication may be even more important when serving a client.

  • Read the client’s intake forms and talk to the client before the massage to establish their expectations and suggest what may work best. If you know the client’s goals for the massage, you will be more likely to achieve them.
  • Communicate during the massage. Ask how a certain pressure feels, how the temperature in the room feels, if the music is too loud. Remind the client to tell you at any moment if they are wanting something different. Try not to talk too much—just short soft-spoken questions like “is this too much pressure?” are better than chatting too much.
  • Get the client’s feedback after the massage. See if you met their goals, and if you haven’t, what you could have done differently? Share home-care tips with the client so they can feel better in between visits. Getting your client’s feedback may help encourage the client to return to you because they know you care about giving them the best services possible.

5. Have a suggestion box
Suggestion boxes are great ways to get input from clients and improve your practice. If there are angry customers, try not to take it personally. Instead, use the criticism constructively and try to make improvements.

6. Keep learning
The field of massage therapy is constantly developing. Keep your eye on professional development and continuing education opportunities so that you can stay in tune with the latest trends and findings.

7. Build massage therapy awareness on social media
People who are interested in massage therapy are also often interested in other health and wellness activities. Try to keep an active social media account where you post useful health and wellness tips and resources for your client. This can help build buy-in to your business, and at the same time, help keep your clients feeling great in between appointments.

We hope these tips help you fine-tune your massage therapy practice. Sometimes the little details can really make a difference!



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