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Shh … Use this Secret Trick to Feel More Confident During Job Interviews


power pose job interviewResearch reveals “power poses” that can change your outlook

Let’s get real: Nearly everyone gets nervous during job interviews no matter how well-prepared they are.

But there’s some good news from people who are in the midst of hardcore job hunting.

Research from Harvard University shows that people who stood in a “power pose” prior to job interviews not only felt more confident, they were also rated higher by hiring managers than other candidates.

Woman Woman had the right idea

So what is a power pose? The Harvard researchers refer to it as the “Wonder Woman pose.” Imagine a person standing with their legs about shoulder-width apart and placing their hands on their hips.

In the Harvard study, people were asked to assume either a high-power pose (such as the Wonder Woman pose) or a low-power pose for two minutes. The study subjects were then tested to check their risk tolerance based on their body chemistry. The people in the high-power pose group had a 20% rise in testosterone, the hormone that projects dominance in both men and women, while their levels of stress hormones dropped.

The people in the low-power pose group experienced a 10% drop in testosterone and saw an increase in stress hormones.

The study participants then went on mock interviews. The people in the high-power group were overwhelmingly selected as better job candidates for hire.

How you can do it on the sly

Obviously, you’ll want to practice the Wonder Woman pose out of view of the interviewer. Take a few minutes before you leave home to assume this position and allow your body chemistry to work its powerful magic.

You can also use power poses while waiting for your interview to start. Power poses generally include anything that makes your body take up more space. Lean back slightly in your chair and place your arm across the back of the seat next to you.

Avoid confidence-sucking low-power poses, such as crossing your arms or legs, or looking down. Remember that while high-power poses take up more space, low-power poses make your body appear smaller.

Finally, remember that nothing projects confidence like a smile.

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