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Using Technology in Medical Billing and Coding

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To process health insurance claims accurately, students in a medical billing and coding training program must learn many different diagnostic codes and medical terminology. Navigating all of this requires feeling comfortable with a range of complex kinds of information. Being good with technology is a huge asset in this position. Some medical billers and coders like to keep coding resources right at their fingertips on their Smartphones and iPads. There are numerous apps that can be handy for looking up codes and symptoms.

We’re providing a few apps here that you might want to investigate. We don’t endorse these specific apps, but encourage you to look around and try out several of them, before you decide which ones can support you best in your work.

ICD-10 Doc Guide
This is an easy way to look up documentation tips (for medical records) on diseases and conditions. It offers a keyword search, and does not require an Internet connection.

ICD-10 Search
This app allows you to drill-down to indexes and sub-indexes, refer back to your search history, and even bookmark favorite codes.

Use this app to search for ICD-9 codes so that you can convert them to ICD-10. It makes it simple to email yourself the description of a particular code. This app requires that you create a (free) account.

ICD 10 Consult 2017 Free
This is a helpful app for searching and browsing the ICD-10-CM codes. You can use bookmarks to create shortcuts for yourself, and there are popup windows with details about each code. It also helps convert ICD-9 codes to ICD-10 codes.

To learn more about ICD-10, you might want to check out some educational apps, such as:

ICD-10 Doc Talk
This app offers a series of recordings for you to listen to, about ICD-10 documentation and how a certain medical code sets impact different specialties. Each recording is about 10 or 15 minutes, and they’re divided by categories so you can search for what you want. You need an Internet connection to use the app, but can download the files for listening later, when you’re offline.

RU Prepared? ICD-10 Edition
This app tests your knowledge by making the task of learning ICD-10 medical codes into a game. It asks multiple choice or true/false questions, and you unlock different levels as you proceed. From the app you can share your high scores on social media.

We wish you luck as you find your way in this career, and that you can find a range of technological resources that make it efficient to handle your important responsibilities in this profession.


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