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What Can I Pack for Lunch?

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healthy lunch ideas, packing lunchGreat ideas for a quick and healthy lunch

Are you the type of person who slips out to the fast-food drive-through to grab lunch? Or do you buy a sandwich at the sandwich shop on the corner? Does your school or workplace have a cafeteria where you can buy lunch? All of these options might taste good, but did you ever consider the benefits of packing your lunch?

  • Packing your lunch saves you money, costing typically only about $3 per day or less.
  • Packing your lunch is usually healthier than fast-food lunches or other high-calorie choices.
  • Packing you lunch can be better for the environment, if you use re-usable containers.

If these benefits sound good to you, and you are looking for ways to save money and eat more healthfully, then try our suggestions for packing a fast and healthy lunch.

Make-ahead lunches

  • Pasta salad: Make a large batch and bring some every day
  • Egg salad: Boil an entire dozen eggs and bring a little egg salad each day
  • Three-bean salad: Three varieties of beans will make a salad to last all week
  • Rice or barley salad: Mix with your favorite vegetables and salad dressing
  • Chicken salad: Try making with plain yogurt as an alternative to mayonnaise

Quick sandwiches

  • Ham and cheese on low-carb whole wheat wraps
  • Turkey, lettuce, tomato on whole wheat bread
  • Good old fashioned PBJ sandwich
  • Leftover taco fixings in a burrito wrap
  • Bagel with light cream cheese and tomato
  • Egg salad sandwich on an English muffin
  • Tuna salad in a pita pocket

No prep required

  • Ready-made tuna-and-cracker packs
  • Hummus and pita packs
  • Hand fruits and vegetables—apples, oranges, baby carrots, and bananas are super quick
  • Hard-boiled eggs (purchase already hard-boiled, to save time)

Hot thermos ideas

  • Your favorite low-sodium soup
  • Baked beans and sliced turkey hotdogs
  • Low-salt chili
  • Meatballs and tomato sauce

If you have a microwave at work/school

  • Instant oatmeal
  • Healthy frozen meals (like Lean Cuisine or Weight Watchers)
  • Leftovers from last night’s dinner


These are just a few of the creative ideas you can cook up for your lunch break. Once you get into the swing of preparing your lunch every day, it will get easier and faster. And better yet, you will have some extra cash in your pocket!


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