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What Does a Massage Therapist Do?

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The more researchers learn about the health benefits of massage, the more people are beginning to seek out massage therapists to relieve pain and stress in their muscles. Massage therapy is a popular career choice for those who seek career-focused education. Massage therapists find the career rewarding because they get to benefit the health and wellness of their clients and patients every day.

Curious to learn more about this career path? Have you ever wondered how a day in the life of a massage therapist would be? Our guide will help you understand what massage therapists do each day.

Starting the day

Each day, massage therapists start off by completing administrative tasks. They typically start the day by reviewing upcoming appointments. They also:

  • Set up massage supplies including towels, massage beds, and oils
  • Clean and sanitize the massage room
  • Check emails for cancellations or patient updates
  • Keep marketing materials in stock
  • Prepare the waiting room and reception desk

Appointments and consultations

If you choose this career field, the most active part of your day will be your appointments. When your appointments begin for the day, you may have back-to-back appointments. Usually, massage appointments last for 50 minutes. When new customers come in, make sure they fill out forms so you have their billing information on record. Give your clients a consultation on what they expect to gain from the massage session and discuss their areas of pain or stress. Make sure they identify any health issues they may have. This is an important step in the massage therapy process so you know what techniques to use on their muscles.

Communicating with clients

Clear communication with clients is essential so you can learn more about their needs and so your clients can feel relaxed. Once you understand their needs and wants, you can recommend specific massages that your client may enjoy. Different types of work environments may offer different massages like Swedish massage, hot stone therapy, Thai, or Shiatsu massage. Make sure to describe the options offered at your spa or clinic:

  • Describe the different massage techniques
  • Recommend massages based on your clients’ consultations
  • Make sure the client understands what the massage requires and feels like
  • Make sure customers know how much the massage costs beforehand

Performing the massage

The massage is the key part of your job. Your training has prepared you to treat clients and patients who are there to experience your techniques to benefit their health and wellness.

Massage therapists need to follow these rules while performing massages:

  • Ask clients their preferences on music and lighting
  • Ask whether the pressure is too hard or soft
  • Remind your clients to tell you if they are in pain
  • Follow the clients’ lead. If the client doesn’t initiate a conversation, that’s your sign to offer a quiet session. Some clients might talk during the massage, so remember to remain friendly and sociable.
  • Follow safety protocols to prevent injuries to your clients and yourself

After the appointment

After the session finishes, allow your client privacy and time to get dressed. Afterwards, you may ask a client how they enjoyed the massage and if they have any suggestions for improvements next time. It’s important to build up a list of returning clients, so remember to be friendly and take a genuine interest in your clients and their needs and wishes.

End of the day

When all your scheduled sessions are done for the day, it’s time to clean up! Although, you clean up the massage rooms between sessions, the end of the day is when you can prepare your materials and rooms for the next day. This may be a time when you can catch up on marketing and social media posts and reflect on ways you can improve your massage techniques or client experiences.

We hope this article provides you with a solid foundation of what massage therapists do on the job each day. For more information about this career field, see 5 Things to Know About Becoming a Massage Therapist. We hope this information helps you decide whether massage therapy is the career for you.


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