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What to Do If You’re Falling Behind in School

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falling behind in school, what to do if you fall behind at schoolYou can get back on track with these suggestions

Let’s face it. Career schools and college can be really hard. If you’re not prepared for the workload, it can be easy to slip behind in your studies and in your grades. Are you in this situation? If you are, don’t drop out! Don’t give up! There are steps you can take to get back on track.

At the Salter School, and every similar school throughout the country, one thing is for sure: we want you to succeed! With a little effort and determination, we know you can get your grades back up. Try these strategies to get yourself going in the right direction:

Step 1: Talk to your instructor
If your grades are in trouble, you are not the only one who knows. Your instructor does too. And believe it or not, your teacher does not want to fail you! Your teacher wants you to succeed. But first they need to know that you are willing to step up your efforts. Meet with your teacher and tell them you are ready to work hard. Ask what you need to do to get your grades back up. Find out if there is any tutoring to help you learn the parts you missed. If your teacher knows you are committed to learning, they will want to help you!

Step 2: Don’t miss any classes
Getting back on track will require you to attend every single class. No excuses! Missing one class may not seem like a big deal, but it is. Your instructors present a lot of information in one class, and missing a day can really set you back. If you absolutely have to miss a class, be sure to email your teacher that morning to explain the problem, and then ask the teacher how you can make up the work. Also, be sure to get class notes from a reliable classmate.

Step 3: Treat studying like your job
Your career school or college is great practice for your first job, and in fact, you should treat your studying like a job. This means scheduling a specific time to do your homework and study for exams. You can’t expect to find time to study if you don’t schedule it into your day. Try blocking out a two-hour time slot every day, and pretend it is your job. When test time rolls around, take these extra steps to prepare for your test.

Step 4: Sit up front and get involved in class
If you are someone who typically hides in the back of the class, you might find that it’s harder to pay attention. If you sit in the back, your mind might wander and you might lose track of what the instructor is saying. To avoid this, sit in the front of the class. Try your best to focus on the instructor’s words, and ask questions if you don’t understand. Once you get more comfortable with the material, try raising your hand and participating in class. The more you participate, the more engaged you will feel in what you are learning. Try these tips for improving your classroom participation.

Step 5: Learn from your mistakes
Your school does not expect you to be perfect. If you were perfect, you wouldn't need to be in school, would you? When you make mistakes in your homework or on your exams, don’t get discouraged. Mistakes can be the greatest way to learn! Look at your mistakes and try to figure out what you should have done differently. Use your mistakes to find out your weak spots, and then work harder to improve these areas.


The Salter School hopes these tips help you turn your school year around. It’s never too late to pick yourself up, work a little harder, and give it your best shot!

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