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What to Wear to a Job Interview — For Women

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women job interview job interview dress code job interview attireHow women can dress to impress on a job interview!

Are you preparing for your job interview Congratulations on being selected for an interview with a potential employer! This an exciting step on your path towards a new career. Your skills and resume impressed a healthcare employer enough that you’ve become a candidate for the job position.

Before your job interview, you need to prepare for your big day. If you’re a female and want to look your best, then Salter School offers you three wardrobe rules so you can impress a potential employer at your job interview. Dressing professionally will help you appear collected, responsible, and professional!

Rule #1: Dress professionally…not casually!

  • Business suits are the standard for any interview, but you can also wear pants and a blouse or a skirt suit. Choose a two-piece suit if possible.
  • Make sure your suit is tailored to your body type.
  • If you can’t afford a new suit, try shopping in thrift stores or borrowing one from a friend. Look for discounts on blouses and dress pants!
  • Avoid revealing clothing. It makes you look too casual and unprofessional. Your skirt should cover your thighs and sit slightly above the knee.

Rule #2: Don’t wear too many accessories. Simplify your style!

  • Wear close-toed shoes. They should match your suit or shirt.
  • Wear simple jewelry. Avoid large, statement pieces.
  • Use a natural or soft-toned nail polish. Avoid neon colors like green or yellow. Don’t wear fake tips; they can look unprofessional and unclean. Make sure they're trimmed short.
  • Wear simple, neutral-toned makeup.
  • Avoid triggering an interviewers’ allergies; don’t wear perfume. You should also avoid wearing perfume in a workplace environment.
  • Wear your hair naturally. Either let it hang down neatly or put it in a ponytail or clean bun. Hairclips work too!
  • Cover tattoos and body piercings to look professional.

Rule #3: Look organized and focused.

  • Bring a small-sized purse. Big bags make you look disorganized and messy.
  • Only carry a small portfolio folder or binder. Inside you should bring a few copies of your resume, cover letter, references, and a list of questions to ask your interviewers.
  • Bring a pen and a blank piece of paper to write down important information.
  • Avoid your cell phone before and during your interview. In fact, turn it off altogether. If you’re on your cell phone, it shows that you are distracted and not serious about the interview.

Use these job interview dress tips to look focused, serious, and competent during your interview. When you feel prepared for your interview day, you can exude the confidence you need to show your potential employers your best qualities. We wish you good luck on your interview!


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