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What to Wear to an Interview—for Men

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Preparing for a job interview is nerve-wracking for most people. You want to be sure your best qualities shine through on your big day. You may review coursework, prepare responses to mock interview questions, and write out questions to ask your potential employers. Beforehand, you’ll also need to plan out what you’ll wear on your interview. Dressing sharp will help you appear professional, responsible, and competent during your interview. You may even feel more confident knowing you look prepared and organized.

Do you need advice on how to dress for your job interview? If you need guidance on what the typical dress code rules are for your interview day, look no further! The Salter School wants to see all our students succeed. We’re offering our male students a three-step guide to dressing for their healthcare job interview. Female students can take a look at a dress code guide in our Salter School blog.

Here are three sets of steps for men to consider when picking out their interview attire:

1. The interview dress code

  • Purchase and wear a business suit with a three-button jacket. Professional suits are the standard attire for job interviews. However, you can also wear a plain white business shirt with dress pants.
  • Make sure your suit is fitted. A tailored suit looks sleek and professional. A loose-fitting suit and shirt will make you appear sloppy and unprofessional.
  • Purchase a modern suit. You can find inexpensive suits at consignment stores. You could also borrow a suit from a friend if you want to save money.
  • The best professional suits are dark colored. Wear a black, navy blue, or gray suit.
  • Old social standards of gentlemanly behavior have carried over into the professional world. During your interview, button the two lower buttons when standing up and unbutton your jacket when you sit down.
  • Wear a solid colored dress shirt. White or light blue work best.
  • Don’t forget to iron your shirt! Ironing is necessary for you to look clean and sleek. If you want it to look crisp, use spray starch. 
  • Try on your attire before your big day. Ask family members and friends if they have any suggestions for you to look your best.

2. How to accessorize

  • You’ll be expected to wear a plain tie and a dark belt.
  • Choose a pair of dark socks that cover your ankles and legs. Socks should cover skin when sitting down.
  • Shoes: Oxford, loafers, or wingtip style dress shoes are all appropriate to wear on your interview.
  • Avoid jewelry. Leave any jewelry, like chains or earrings, at home. Looking simple and understated for your interview helps you appear sophisticated and professional. It also helps the interviewers keep their attention on your skills and personality.
  • If you have tattoos, cover them up. Body art can distract interviewers from your personality and professional demeanor. When you’re offered a position, ask your potential employer about their dress code and policy on tattoos and piercings.
  • Facial hair should be neatly trimmed. Stubble appears sloppy and unsophisticated. Get a haircut a few days beforehand if needed.
  • Avoid wearing cologne to your interview. Some people don’t like the smell or are allergic. Since you want to be presentable, wear non-scented deodorant instead.

3. Items to remember

  • Carry a small folder or binder to your meeting. You should also have three to five copies of your resume and cover letter. Copies of references should be given to your potential employers too. If you want, bring a list of questions to ask your interviewer so they know you’re serious about the position.
  • Bring a pen and a notebook. Write down important information that you may need to know. You may also want to write down the answers to your questions so you can assess if the position is right for you. This approach also helps potential employees know you’re interested in the job and its responsibilities.                                      
  • Always turn off your cell phone during a job interview. Scrolling through your phone or answering a call may disqualify you from acquiring a job. While you wait for your interviewer, make sure to appear attentive and sit up straight. Avoid your phone and mentally prepare yourself for the interview. You will look serious and proper.
  • Make sure your breath doesn’t smell! Pop in a breath mint right before your interview so it dissolves quickly. Make sure not to chew gum during your interview or when you introduce yourself to the potential employer. Chewing gum is thought of as unprofessional and improper.

Congratulate yourself on getting a job interview! This is an exciting milestone. These tips can help you look confident, professional, and well-kept for your meeting with potential employers! The Salter School wishes you the best at your interview!


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