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What You Learn at Medical Billing and Coding School

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medical billing and coding schoolsStudying a range of topics builds a foundation for this important healthcare role

One of the healthcare professions that the Salter School provides training for is Medical Billing and Coding. This is a specialist that helps doctors’ offices, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities to receive payment from insurance companies for their services. This is a detail-oriented, office-based profession that requires some computer skills.

Are you curious about what the training for a medical billing and coding program is like? Look no further! We’ve created an overview to give you a sense of some of the classes you’d be likely to take. These could include:

  • Medical Insurance & Billing: This is an introduction to the various types of medical insurance, and the role that accurate claims play in the payment process. The class exposes students to the coding systems that all professionals in this field use: CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) and ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases). Students also have the chance to practice filling out sample claim forms.
  • Medical Terminology and Physiology: Part of this profession is being comfortable with the language of medicine, since you will see these terms in patient files every day. This class provides an overview of the body systems and human anatomy. It introduces some of the common diseases and symptoms you’re likely to come across in this line of work.
  • Electronic Health Records: This provides an overview of the computer-based system that modern healthcare facilities use to maintain patient records (in place of relying solely on paper files). The course provides training in the software that’s devoted to this health information system.
  • ICD Medical Coding: The goal of this course is to help you become proficient in using the manual for the ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases). This includes medical and surgical coding, how to handle requests in a system devised for third-party reimbursement, and navigating issues of fraud and abuse that may arise in your work.
  • CPT Medical Coding Concepts: This class covers CPT (Current Procedural Terminology), which is the procedural coding system that coding and billing professionals use to report medical services and procedures. You will learn to utilize the CPT Manual and Guidelines so you can code accurately. The class also covers HCPCS coding (for the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System).
  • Medical Law and Ethics: As a member of the healthcare profession, it will be essential that you understand the standards and guidelines to which professionals hold themselves. This includes patients’ rights as well as issues of confidentiality. This course will help you make the connection between these standards and the daily practice of billing and coding.
  • Computerized Medical Billing: This course exposes you to MediSoft Patient Accounting for Windows, which is the software that healthcare facilities use. You will learn to input patient information, process billing, create reports, and file insurance claims. You will learn how the software also accommodates other administrative tasks, such as scheduling appointments.

Are you intrigued enough to take the next step and learn more about this profession? If you’re looking to change careers, like office work, and are interested in healthcare, it could be a good fit for you. Why not learn more, either through reading the Occupational Outlook Handbook’s career description, or by contacting a professional training school in your area? We wish you the best in your pursuits!


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