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Why Time Off Matters: Engaging in Your Passions is Like Rocket Fuel for Your Soul


school down timeWhen balancing work and school, down time becomes even more important

When someone asks you how you are, do you often find yourself answering “busy?”

You’re not alone. Many students in Salter’s professional medical assistant, massage therapy, or health claims specialist training programs are juggling a lot, including school, home and caregiving responsibilities, jobs … the list goes on.

But believe it or not, scheduling some time to relax and unwind may be key to staying on track with your over-arching life goals.

Why is that? Allowing your brain to switch gears to something enjoyable and relaxing can allow you to “recharge.” That way, when you’re ready to work or study again, you can approach those tasks with more enthusiasm.

Here are some other productivity tips that might Salter students might find useful.

1.  Don’t be ruled by your electronics

Successful people use technology to their advantage, but they make sure that they don’t wind up being slaves to their digital masters.

Disconnecting – or at least ignoring – digital devices during certain times of the day (such as a few hours before bed) can allow your brain time to truly unwind and process the events of the day. Constantly exposing yourself to email or social media means that you’re at risk for encountering stress triggers when you should be relaxing and recharging.

The break will also allow you to be truly present in your environment, enabling you to rest or connect with friends or family in an “in person” way.

2.  Tame the chore monster

Yes, someone has to do the laundry, pay the bills, clean the bathroom, etc. That “someone” might be you. However, if you make a weekly schedule to tackle one item per day, you’re in better position to truly be “off” on the weekends or other days when you don’t have school or work.

If you miss a day? Don’t worry about it too much. Just hit that task when the appropriate day rolls around the following week.

3.  Let your soul soar

Finding time to do something you really love – whether it’s a creative pursuit, a sport, or something else – can supercharge your “can do” attitude and help you sail through your other responsibilities.

Key: Don’t think of it as “wasting time.” Think of it as rocket fuel for your soul.

4.  Waking up whenever? Not a great idea

It’s so tempting to sleep in on a day off to “catch up” on sleep. However, doing so can be productivity killer.

That’s because your brain must move through certain sleep cycles in order for you to feel refreshed and rested. Sleeping past your normal time may mean that the brain’s normal rhythm gets thrown off.

Tip: If you need to nab some extra sleep, go to bed earlier instead.

5.  Look into the future

Planning ahead for the upcoming week can help ensure that your week runs smoother. Take 15-30 minutes on Sunday night to look at the week ahead. Sketch out your plans for meals, any appointments you have, errands, and school or work assignments.

Put each task on a calendar so you’ll wake up on Monday morning with your action plan already in place.

Remember, Salter is invested in your success. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of the resources available to help you get the most out of your education, including Career Services, and possibilities for tutoring and peer mentors. Talk to your instructors if you need help with your studies.

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